Adegga WineMarket Lisboa 2018


Saturday, 1st of December
at Armazém 16 in Marvila

70 Adegga Wine Producers, 500 Wines, 5 Chefs, 1 Premium Room
The Adegga WineMarket is a quality wine event

Adegga WineMarket

Discover 500 wines from 70 selected wine producers.
Taste wines from 5€ to 50€.
Buy your favourite wines at event prices.
Get your wines delivered at home directly from the producer (only available in Portugal).
Use the SmartWineGlass to remember your tasted wines.
Bring your friends and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

How to get there


Date: Saturday, 1 of Dezembro 2018
Where: Armazém 16, Marvila, Lisboa
Opening hours: 14:00 to 21:00
Professionals: Signup here
Contact us: [email protected] or +351 800 502 321

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How to get there:
Train: Marvila or Braço de Prata train stations
Bus: Buses nº 210, 718 or 728
Car: Google Maps
Parking (all free parking): street paralel to Rua do Açucar; field near Rua Acácio Barreiro or Rua Amorim

Wine Producers

The complete list of producers at the Adegga WineMarket


Azores Wine Company
Pico Wines


Adega Mayor
António Maçanita Winemaker
Carlos Lucas Vinhos - Magnum Vinhos
Cortes de Cima
Herdade da Anta de Cima (RISING STAR)
Herdade da Mingorra
Herdade do Arrepiado Velho
Herdade do Mouchão
Herdade do Peso
Herdade do Rocim
João Portugal Ramos
José Maria da Fonseca
Monte da Raposinha
Monte da Ravasqueira
Paulo Laureano
Santos e Seixo
Torre do Frade


Caves Messias
Filipa Pato
Luís Pato
Quinta de Baixo


Alvaro Martinho (RISING STAR)
Alves de Sousa
António Maçanita Winemaker
Casa Ferreirinha
Caves Messias
Colinas do Douro
Costa Boal Family Estates
João Portugal Ramos
Lavradores de Feitoria
Márcio Lopes Winemaker
MHespanhol Douro Family
Portugal Boutique Winery (RISING STAR)
Quinta do Côtto
Quinta do Cume
Quinta do Pessegueiro
Quinta do Pôpa
Quinta dos Murças
Quinta Maria Izabel
Quinta Nova
Quinta Vale D. Maria
Real Companhia Velha
Santos e Seixo
Titan of Douro (RISING STAR)
Vasques de Carvalho
Wine & Soul


Madeira Wine Company

Monção e Melgaço

João Portugal Ramos
Quinta de Santiago
Quinta de Soalheiro
Santos e Seixo
Vale dos Ares (RISING STAR)

Peninsula de Setúbal

José Maria da Fonseca
Quinta do Piloto


Alves de Sousa
Caves Messias
João Portugal Ramos
Porto Ferreira
Quinta do Pessegueiro
Quinta dos Murças
Quinta Maria Izabel
Real Companhia Velha
Vasques de Carvalho
Wine & Soul


Arribas Wine Company (RISING STAR)
Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima
Quinta Valle de Passos

Vinho Verde

Márcio Lopes Winemaker
Quinta da Lixa


Caminhos Cruzados
Carlos Lucas Vinhos - Magnum Vinhos
Casa da Passarella
Julia Kemper
Quinta da Ramalhosa (RISING STAR)
Quinta dos Carvalhais
Rosa da Mata (RISING STAR)


Hugo Mendes (RISING STAR)
Quinta da Boa Esperança
Quinta de Chocapalha
Quinta de Sant'Ana
Quinta do Gradil
Quinta do Olival da Murta (RISING STAR)
Vale da Mata

Invited Wine Region: Tejo

Tejo is the first wine region to be invited and takes on the Adegga Stage. For the first time, Adegga WineMarket invites a wine region to show some of its references in a special area within the event. Tejo wines invite 14 winemakers to present a selection of wines with different profiles. Two tastings commented by journalist Fernando Melo – “Fernão Pires in good company” and “Tejo terroirs and their secrets” – will take place at Palco Adegga, a new space created to give voice to the topics arising from the experience of the event.

Lista de produtores da região dos Vinhos do Tejo
Adega do Cartaxo, Casa Cadaval, Casal Branco, Casal das Freiras, Encostas do Alqueva, Encosta do Sobral, Enoport, Falua, Quinta da Alorna, Quinta da Atela, Quinta da Badula, Quinta da Lapa, Quinta da Ribeirinha e Vinhos Zé da Leonor

Premium Room

The Adegga WineMarket Premium Room is a wine lover’s dream come true for rare and special wines. An exclusive zone where you can taste top of the range whites and reds, old Port wines, old Madeiras and old Moscatel de Setúbal, served by two sommeliers that are available to clarify any question you might have. This unforgettable experience, happens in a special area inside the event. Tickets cost 50€ per person and include access to the main Adegga WineMarket event. Places are limited. Please book ahead to guarantee a place.

Official Wine List of the Premium Room 2018 (soon)
Premium Room Official Wine List in 2017



We’re giving producers a voice. The Adegga Stage is a place to learn, discover and taste new products in 45 minute sessions. There are 30 spots available on each session. Attending a session is free. First come, first served. Sessions Timetable (soon)

Rising Stars

Adegga Rising Stars is the place to discover young winemakers and new and upcoming projects. Show up and taste their wines. Confirmed producers: Álvaro Martinho (Douro), Arribas Wine Company (Trás-os-Montes)Portugal Boutique Winery (Douro), Rosa da Mata (Dão).

Adegga BIO

Look for the Adegga BIO brand to taste organic, biodynamic, sustainable and natural wines in the Adegga WineMarket. Adegga provides this experience in answer to the growing demand from our visitors to know more about bio products and producers.

Adegga 52

Adegga 52 is a list of Adegga recommended wines for the 52 weeks of the year. The large majority of Adegga 52 wines will be on taste on the Adegga WineMarket Lisboa 2018.


We’ve made a selection of amphora wines (known as Talha in the Alentejo wine region) from Adegga Producers and created a special Adegga ÂNFORA table to show them all together at the Adegga WineMarket.

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