Lisbon gets a new gastronomic festival with the Adegga Food & Wine Festival

The 2-day festival that brings together the main wine producers in Portugal and the best food experiences will take place on the weekend of June 30th and July 1st.
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The new Adegga Food & Wine Festival will take place in the terraces of Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, in the city center, where Portuguese and internacional consumers will experience an innovative gastronomic event.

Based on the Summer edition of the Adegga WineMarket (widely considered one of the best wine events in Portugal) the festival will bring together wine producers selected by the Adegga team and gastronomic experiences with invited portuguese chefs. On each Chef’s Table visitors will be able to discover and taste the best food and wine pairings specifically designed by each chef. A special dinner with a unique concept will also take place on the first day of the event.

“Despite the fact the Adegga WineMarket is considered by our visitors as one of Portugal’s best wine experiences, raising the bar is on our DNA. We always had food options on our events but now we’ve created an integrated food and wine experience, where wine and food are deeply connected. We assume ourselves as a summer festival that presents  the best products and quality brands and simultaneously a special gastronomic experience.”, says André Ribeirinho, one of the founders of Adegga.

Adegga is a Wine & Lifestyle brand that recommends and brings together producers and consumers through a diversity of experiences.

André Ribeirinho, André Cid and Daniel Matos have created the Adegga WineMarket concept that, through more than 20 editions, has defined a new standard of quality wine events integrating such concepts as Taste & Buy, Event Online Shop, Rising Stars and the SmartWineGlass technology. SmartWineGlass  is an award-winning technology that is used in prestigious world-class wine events, helping event visitors remember the visited brands and tasted wines through an automatic email sent after the event. Adegga Rising Stars is a space for rising winemakers and projects inside the event. These are some of the innovations that have made Adegga a wine industry reference. Through a modern consumer-oriented comunication, Adegga has brought new consumers to wine and promoted over 200 quality wine producers. In previous years Adegga has taken Portuguese wine to Brussels, Berlin and Stockholm.

Event information:

  • Name: Adegga Food & Wine Festival
  • Dates: 30th June and 1st of July
  • Location: Terraces of Pavilhão Carlos Lopes
  • Tickets: available soon
  • Official Site:
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