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Adegga is launching a new concept during the Adegga WineMarket Porto 2016. The new Adegga WineMarket PopUp is happening on April, 16th.

We want to give our clients in other cities the opportunity to Taste & Buy the wines available in the Adegga WineMarket happening in Porto, without having to go there!

1 Adegga WineMarket, 3 Cidades onde Provar os Vinhos  1 Adegga WineMarket, 3 Cidades onde Provar os Vinhos

For the first time, we’re launching two new satellite wine tastings which will give wine lovers an opportunity to Taste & Buy a selection of the wines available on the main event in Porto.

The first Adegga WineMarket PopUp will happen in Lisbon and the Algarve, on the same date as the Adegga WineMarket Porto 2016:

What is the Adegga WineMarket PopUp Lisboa / Algarve?

  • A high quality Adegga wine event with a WineMarket experience.
  • A dedicated room with a selection of wines available in Porto (2 per producer).
  • A PopUp wine tasting without producers but with a selection of high quality wines.
  • A self-guided wine tasting with an available Sommelier (to help with anything you might need).
  • A relaxed wine tasting with limited number of tickets.
  • A wine tasting with special tickets available: Bilhetes Normal (tasting) and Bilhete Loja (tasting + wine voucher).
  • An Event Wine Shop where you can buy (at special event prices) all the wines available at the Adegga WineMarket Porto (more than 300 different wines) and comfortably get them delivered to your place.

Where in Lisbon and the Algarve?


The Adegga WineMarket PopUp Lisboa will happen in the Adegga Tasting Room (address: Rua Amorim, 2). The Adegga WineMarket PopUp Algarve will happen on the the Hotel Faro Rooftop (which has a fabulous panoramic view of Ria Formosa).

The Adegga team is waiting for you in Porto, Lisbon or the Algarve on April, 16th!

Buy your ticket at the Adegga Ticket Office

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