Adegga Restaurant Guide 2019

The 100 best wine restaurants in Portugal to drink and to eat.

Text by José Manuel Moroso. Top 100 voted by winemakers.

The 30 BEST

What to Drink

A selection of the best wines – from 5 to 50 euros – to drink at the best restaurants in Portugal.

The 30 Best


People come from far away just to enjoy its lamprey, in its season, of course. It is unfair if we don’t mention its great seafood variety, stews, fillets of hake, fried dory with açorda or, regarding meat, hunting in hits season. It is an inescapable restaurant both in food and in drinks and the most recent works have come to give even more life to the space.
Rua Roberto Ivens, 826 – Matosinhos
229 378 796

2. Veneza

It was a grocery store, a coffee shop and everything else a village shop can be. Today, it is a restaurant with capital R and its wine cellar makes many others jealous. Its location can be defined by a Portuguese saying: “nem tanto ao mar, nem tanto à terra”, which means it is just the right amount of perfect between land and sea. In other words, it is between Algarve and the mountains. Its cuisine is traditional and it appeals to meat, such as the tasty pork tenderloins fried with garlic, pork lures in onion stew, and (not to lose) its well-fortified transmontana bean soup with ingredients from pork to black chorizo, also including cabbages.
EN 395, Mem Moniz – Albufeira
289 367 129


Here we enter to a completely different realm. The fish and shellfish are dominant and walk through our eyes, the impeccable freshness and the mastery of a work done on the grill or in the pot. After an unforgettable raid on the appetizers, let us venture into the flavours of Neptune’s kingdom and delight ourselves with the sea offerings, always paired with an impeccable wine cellar. And then they may well call us ‘Peniche friends’ and we are glad about it.
Rua do Lapadusso, 73 – Peniche
262 782 945

4. Solar dos Presuntos

The seafood and traditional Portuguese cuisine are the strengths of this house, visited by politicians, artists and footballers. Managed by Evaristo and his son Pedro, the whole staff masters efficiency, knowledge and friendliness. Their cod fish cakes, rice cabidela or the traditional dish of lobster are famous. With a high-quality wine service, it is a must-visit.
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 150 – Lisboa
213 424 253


Granite walls house a cosy signature cuisine, balancing between tradition and innovation. Two degustation menus are available: Portugality and Sharing. The Portuguese gastronomy is safeguarded, and we can find veal, the old cow’s loaf and even the classic tuna salad with ‘cyclists’, the well-known black bean. The flawless wine list does the rest.
Rua Costa Cabral, 2343 – Porto
225 400 548


Open since 1947, this wide space is devoted to “king” suckling pig. Many say it is the best restaurant of its kind, but the truth is that the little piglet is cooked to perfection here. But the menu does not end here. Every day, they have fresh fish coming from the sea nearby and seafood does not come in second place, even if it comes in the form of soup (scarlet shrimp soup is a success), delighting a demanding clientele coming from all over the country. The wine list is very complete. Lastly, we must highlight the excellent service.
Av. da Restauração, 17 – Mealhada
968 123 084


We can find him it Santa Clara and, let me tell you, right on time. Obviously that no one comes to Coimbra expecting to find the best and freshest fish in the world and that is why the house invests in codfish and tuna. The first is a skewer and the second is cooked at the Portuguese style. Moving on to meat, we will find an assorted selection of quality steak that shines on the dish. Great wine list.
Av. Da Guarda Inglesa, 63 – Coimbra
239 441 638


Pedro Lemos won a well-deserved Michelin star in 2014. His tasting menus bring us unique flavours. His creative power never seems to stop, such is the multiplicity of supply, aided by the tremendous quality of products where his biological garden is queen. It is a progressive discovery through flavour and, of course, it could not lack an excellent cellar.
Rua Padre Luís Cabral, 974 – Porto
220 115 986


What is lacking in
space (only 16 seats) abounds in quality coming from the kitchen for all to see. It is the ground of Traditional Portuguese cuisine, lining up, among others, tasty codfish pastries or the small but sweet lamb chops. Roasted octopus with rice and seafood rice are not to me missed, too. It is indeed a great offer at Ribeira.

Rua dos Mercadores, 36 – Porto
222 010 510


A few meters away from the grand opera house in Portugal, Belcanto sings us another song. Chef José Avillez is the face of this very tasteful project and the creations in his degustation menus lead us to another state of mind. Recognised with two Michelin stars, he shines in a signature cuisine in defence of the Portuguese gastronomy’s identity. A visit to Belcanto – after months in the waiting list – is a true feast to our palate. And, not least, we count on the precious and competent help of the sommelier Rudolfo Tristão in the not always easy task of standardisation. Urgent, it is a must-visit!Urgente não perder!
Largo de São Carlos, 10 – Lisboa
213 420 607


This Fisherman is really gifted for cooking. When we look at the menu on different days, one fact is undeniable: the menu is quite diversified and attention is given to present the clientele with countless flavours. Notable among them are roasted slipper lobster with basmati rice, fried red mullets with cockle rice, fried turbot with bean clam rice, lobster mayonnaise and other delights. It is a large restaurant with great service and a varied wine list.
Rua Dr. Bernardo Teixeira Botelho, 7 – Palmela
212 104 641


This restaurant was once a café and a grocery store, and its beachfront location immediately whets the appetite for fish, of course. Its mastery lies in saucepan food, where we can find, for example, a rich fish stew or a sea bass and ray stew. Equally delightful are sardine rice (in its season) and filled fish at “Bulhão Pato”. The wine offer is great.
Av. dos Banhos, 10 – Vila Chã
229 282 918

13. 100 MANEIRAS

Chef Ljubomir Stanisic commands this “new” 100 Maneiras with open doors in Bairro Alto. The offer consists of three degustation menus, one of which is vegetarian. The smaller, called Conto (Tale), has 11 moments and História (Story) has 17, including Cover, Foreword, Introduction, 1st Chapter, 2nd Chapter, Afterwork and, lastly, Conclusion. The creativity of the cuisine is unique, with magnanimous flavours. The restaurant only opens for dinner and by appointment only. It is a whole new world coming into our mouth.
Rua do Teixeira, 39 – Lisboa
910 918 181


We are in the presence of a themed restaurant that is a true compliment to codfish. The menu shows 25 different ways to taste it and it is guaranteed that our palate will approve all these culinary stages. The space is wide and it is said to be the former stables of the Palace of the Duke of Lafões, built after the 1755 earthquake. To pair with the “faithful friend”, nothing better than a great wine list.
Rua do Grilo, 54 – Lisboa
218 620 000

15. ALMA

Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa is in charge of his Alma with two Michelin stars, the place where he offers his degustation menus. It is time to taste confit codfish and suckling pig, or to try other expressions of his creativity in fish and seafood dishes, such as scarlet shrimp rice. But we can also opt for the à la carte menu and indulge in Codfish “Pavement”, for example. A world of gastronomic experiences that puts the most demanding palates to the test.
Rua Anchieta, 15 – Lisboa
213 470 650


The place attracts us right away for its connection to the sea. And this connection also marks the cuisine of chef Rui Paula, which has already earned him a Michelin star. Fish is the king of these wanderings by the sea, and the codfish bean stew, the Chanel Squid or the amazing ray with veal sauce will certainly be remembered. A service with plenty of friendliness and effectiveness brings even more life to meals that we will never forget. The icing on the cake is its amazing wine list.
Rua da Boa Nova – Leça da Palmeira
229 940 066


Only 16 places practically “glue” the customers to the staff that works on what we will taste. Chef Vasco Coelho Santos runs this fine-dining experience, in a concept we can call ‘laboratory’. A seasonal menu with ten moments brings us the results of ‘research’ and our palate is grateful for it. Creation, flavours, innovation, these are the secrets of this Studio.
Rua de Santo Ildefonso, 404 – Porto
935 335 301


This house, founded in 1988, has two classics: Codfish au Gratin with shrimp and Roast Veal in firewood oven. From the firewood oven also comes the amazing bread, our inseparable companion from the starters to the main dishes. Alice Marto, the owner, continues to take very good care of her visitors.
Av. Irmã Lúcia de Jesus, 152 – Fátima
249 531 737

Foto: António Marto


Excellent use of the market of Cascais, with simple but very pleasant decoration, where the excellent offer of seafood masters. Freshness is its most important certificate, but for those who want to try other options, then the seafood arrives to us paired with rice or açorda. In any case, everything is very well cooked and ‘watered’ with great wine.
Mercado Municipal de Cascais, Rua Padre Moisés da Silva – Cascais
214 822 130


Let us hope this house never closes, because eating here is really magic. After you have opened the door, do not be surprised to see a waiter brandishing a sabre to open a bottle of sparkling wine and pour you a glass. This is the true meaning of affection. Then, at the table, the mastery continues. The traditional Portuguese cuisine is in charge, and it is well worth to check carefully the menu.
Rua Família Colares Pinto – Ovar
256 591 371


This is a nice beach restaurant that chooses sushi as its specialty. The offers are plentiful, but someone preferring other type of cuisine can always opt for the grilled fish. But it none of this motivates you, then choose among the many tapas and prepare to enjoy a splendorous sunset.
Muralha da Praia do Norte, Apoio 7 – Costa da Caparica
212 900 473


In a quite friendly environment, this restaurant treats Alentejo cuisine very well. Everything seems to be tailormade and with good taste, starting with the decoration. The food, as the owner says, is composed of dishes from Alentejo with an extra bit of creativity. Just consider, for example, the extraordinary (and unforgettable) cod and smoked ham mille feuille.
Largo Dragões de Olivença, 84 – Estremoz
268 333 262


The offer is multiple and rather nice. We are talking about a bar serving wine by the glass and the restaurant of traditional Portuguese cuisine. Here you can enjoy many delicacies and its great Cozido à Portuguesa is highly recommended. It is usually served on Thursdays but it is advised to book ahead not to miss the day.
Rua do Poço Novo, 17 – Cascais
214 862 137

Foto: Alfredo Matos


Chef Hans Neuner continues to display the brilliance of his two Michelin stars in this amazing space where fine dining shines. His creations include, for example, açorda and prawn, and they give us with red mullet from Sagres and tuna from the Azores. When it comes to meat, for example, the remarkable lamb of the Pyrenees with fava beans shines. The elegant ambience and the exceptional cuisine make this Ocean a sea of pleasant surprises for both mouth and eyes.
Vila Vita Parc, Rua Anneliese Pohl – Alporchinhos (Lagoa)
282 310 200


The cakes tortas from Azeitão have attracted those who have visited for many years, but beyond the pastry shop there is a restaurant that contributes to the success of this small space. In summer, you can choose to be outdoors and that is where the house shines. The fish in the coal do the honours of the house. The offer is assorted and has great quality.
Praça da República, 37 A – Vila Nogueira de Azeitão
969 146 996

26. DOC

We have already spoken about Rui Paula and his Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, but if here we are not faced with the “overwhelming” proximity to the sea, the beauty of the Douro landscape is not second to that. Located right by the river, we can see many farms from here and we can also meet a few well-known winemakers sitting at the table. DOC offers well-cared degustation menus, as well as à la carte service. Among the numerous dishes, one cannot miss the Bísaro pork neck cooked at low temperature with apple textures. The wine list is amazing.
Cais da Folgosa, EN 222 – Folgosa do Douro
254 858 123


Historic restaurant having the immense sea as landscape, it remains faithful to its offer of fresh fish and seafood. But beware: book by phone before you go. This space will be refurbished and the works were scheduled for late 2019. Anyway, we can guarantee its great quality.
Estrada do Guincho – Guincho
214 879 450


Recognised with two Michelin stars (in 2009, Il Gallo d’Oro received the first star awarded in Madeira), chef Benoit Sinthon excels in presenting his degustation menus, which serve as a vehicle for a huge work of creativity towards a sensory cuisine, full of aromas. Of Mediterranean and Iberian inspiration, Benoit’s cuisine focuses mainly on the work on fish and seafood, where Royale Scarlet Shrimp is a dish worthy of the gods. The wine offer of the restaurant is of tremendous quality.
The Cliff Bay, Estrada Monumental, 147 – Funchal (Madeira)
291 707 700


Chef João Rodrigues was also awarded a Michelin star and in good time he gave up his career as a marine biologist to bring dishes with great creativity to our table. His cuisine is shown in degustation menus where fish is king, but you can also order à la carte. Flavours take shape in every dish, and all is paired with a great wine list.
Altis Belém Hotel & Spa, Doca do Bom Sucesso – Lisboa
210 400 200


Bon Bon received a Michelin star in 2019 thanks to its chef Louis Anjos, who focuses on Traditional Portuguese cuisine. Its recipes are based mainly in Alentejo and Algarve, but its trends are fish and seafood. Its history includes a famous classic, the signature Lobster, but another highlight is the red mullets with smoked ham. Good wine list.
Urbanização Cabeço de Pias – Carvoeiro
282 341 496

TOP 100

The 100 best restaurants highlighting the Top 30.


100 Maneiras – #13
A Casa do Bacalhau – #14
Alma – #15
Aqui Há Peixe
Belcanto – #10
Coelho da Rocha
Feitoria – #29
Go Juu
Marlene Vieira
Mesa do Bairro
Okah Rooftop
Real Fabrica
Solar dos Presuntos – #4

1h from Lisboa

Adega do Saloio (Sintra)
Bar do peixe (Aldeia do Meco)
Brasa do Bairro (Alfragide)
Búzio (Praia das Maças)
Casa das Tortas (Vila Nogueira de Azeitão) – #25
Dom Pescador (Palmela) – #11
Lovit (Cascais)
Mar Inferno (Cascais)
Marisco na Praça (Cascais) – #19
Montemar (Estoril)
Nortada (Praia Grande)
O Abraço (Sintra)
O Miguel (Setúbal)
Pérola da Mourisca (Setúbal)
Porto de Santa Maria (Guincho) – #27
Restaurante Hotel Baia (Cascais)
Sab’Amar (Setúbal)
Sem Horas (Setúbal)
Sentido do Mar (Costa da Caparica) – #21
SR (Loures)
Taberna 490 STB (Setúbal)
Tasca do Joel – #3
Taverna dos Trovadores (Sintra)
Terroso (Cascais) – #23
Vela Branca (Setúbal)


Adega Escondida
Euskalduna Studio – #17
Marisqueira Porto
O Paparico – #5
O Rápido
Pedro Lemos – #8
S. Nicolau
Sabores da Mesa, Espaço Maus Habitos
Taberna dos Mercadores – #9

1h from Porto

A Grade (Leça da Palmeira)
Bistro com Alma (Póvoa do Varzim)
Casa de Chá da Boa Nova (Leça da Palmeira) – #16
Casino Póvoa (Póvoa do Varzim)
D. Elvira (Braga)
Dóri (Aveiro)
Ferrugem (Vila Nova Famalicão)
O Gaveto (Matosinhos) – #1
O Rei dos Leitões (Mealhada) – #6
Oxalá (Ovar) – #20
Salitre (Vila Chã) – #12
S. Valentim (Matosinhos)
Salpoente (Aveiro)
Tasquinha da Linda (Viana do Castelo)
The Orangerie (Vila Nova de Gaia)
Vinun (Vila Nova de Gaia)


À Terra Azor (Ponta Delgada, S. Miguel)
Cella Bar (Madalena, Pico)
Tasca O Petisca (Madalena, Pico)


Alecrim (Estremoz)
Mercearia do Gadanha (Estremoz) – #22
Tombalobos (Portalegre)


A Barraquinha (Monte Gordo)
Alvor Wine (Alvor)
Bon Bon (Carvoeiro) – #30
Casavostra (Almancil)
Luar da Foia (Monchique)
Mar a Montes (Tavira)
Mato à Vista (Paderne)
Noelia & Jerónimo (Cabanas)
Ocean (Lagoa) – #24
O Retiro (Boliqueime)
Veneza (Albufeira) – #2

Center of Portugal

Burro Velho (Batalha)
De’ Gustar (Torres Novas)
Kook Sushi Lounge (Santarém)
O Açude (Coimbra) – #7
Sabor da Pedra (Tomar)
Tia Alice (Fátima) – #18


Il Gallo D’Oro (Funchal) – #28

North of Portugal

DOC (Folgosa) – #26
Hotel Meira (Vila Praia de Âncora)
O Caneiro (Cabeceiras de Basto)

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